May 25, 2016


Okay. There’s some shit that… you know what? No. No. This is fucking wrong.

Captain America

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

See, the reason why DC Comics has been failing so hard for the past decade is that they’ve been playing against type. The people in charge took one look at their characters and the stories that work with those characters and decided they wanted to be Marvel. It hurt their readership – they lost 21.5% of their readers in the first year of the nu52 and never really recovered. It hurt their pockets – that 21.5% never came back, taking their money and going to Boom Studios or Valiant Entertainment or even Marvel. It hurt the trust people had in them, and resulting in the disaster that was the Giant Mess some people insist on calling Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice.

This isn’t clever so much as insulting, so let’s discuss why. Hydra, for those of you who haven’t realized it, are Nazis. Captain America, the character, was created by Jews as a deliberate “fuck you” to Hitler, taking the Aryan ideal and having him by a decent man who embodied the core concepts of the American Dream. It would be the same as, say, having Luke Cage get tricked into joining the KKK. Or having Jessica Jones go and be with Kilgrave after all, because of course she should be subservient to him. Or having a light-hearted everyman character sell his marriage to Satan so that a writer can try and move that character’s growth back to the Silver Age for reasons of not understanding how story works.

Actually, scratch that. One More Day was an obnoxious piece of shit, but this is worse. Captain America, in continuity, has been a werewolf, an old man, a dude with a boom box – how quick before they retcon this piece of garbage out of existence?

There is a story that could be told here, about how the American Dream has been twisted into a nightmare by the inherent fascism that has become a modern reality, but I don’t trust writer Nick Spencer to tell that story. I think we’re going to get a cheap bait-and-switch where we find out the Red Skull was behind it the whole time, but that’s not going to be enough, Nick.  And, sure, Steve Rogers has been tricked into being a Nazi before. If you haven’t heard of those stories, there’s a reason – none of them were good, and all of them have been ignored by Marvel since.

Marvel is hyping this relentless trash as the next Superior Spider-Man, a story that was almost universally despised and made a rather good writer, Dan Slott, into a name that some people use as a swear word. This is trolling at the expense of damaging one of your intellectual properties, Marvel, and it’s going to give you a short term burst of comics sales that will fizzle out, die, and not recover from without someone with a much better grasp on this character – kind of like how sales of Spider-Man are now suffering and probably won’t recover until the movie gives it a brief spike.

What a waste.

Source: Stever Rogers – Captain America #1


One Comment on “No.

Drake Way
May 26, 2016 at 12:17 am

For fuck sakes learn how to present an argument.

You point out that DC is failing because it’s trying to ape marvel, and then you bitch about Captain America joining Hydra and then you… are done?

This is terrible writing. There’s no flow. No cohesion. What editor green lit this? Fucking amateur hour all over.


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