July 15, 2016

Geek Art Thievery

I’ve got a good friend named John Gallagher.

Dude is an unbelievably talented artist who, through skill and luck, has managed to get a job working in film. He’s done work on the Grey, the Interview, Minority Report, Flash, Once Upon a Time, Ginger Snaps II, some of the X-Men movies. He’s humble and has excellent taste in movies, the sort of dude that you can go and have a drink with, someone who just generally makes lives better.

But he trades on his art. It’s his livelihood. I mean, look at this:


Isn’t that awesome? He’s got at that same level of quality, and you can see more by clicking here or clicking here. That second link goes directly to his website, where he talks about the process of making art and sells the work that he’s put together. He’s awesome for doling out useful for advice and is one of the wisest men that we’ve been lucky enough to meet.

He goes to cons and sells prints of his artwork, and you can contact him for same. He’s usually at Big Pete’s Comics come Free Comic Book Day. He’s just generally good people.

But then there’s this:


That is the work of some asshole who stole John’s work, didn’t credit him, cut it up, and is selling it for below market value. You can find the asshattery here. There’s a countdown on that link, but just in case… we’ve got a screencap:

Nerdcave Screencap

The thievery comes from the Nerdcave, who may or may not be stealing other people’s work and selling it, too, because if you think you can get away stealing and selling one thing, why not steal and sell more things? Why not all the things?

To paraphrase their “about us” page, they’ve had over seven years in which to steal other people’s hard work and profit off of it. They plan on growing their business exponentially by taking art they haven’t paid for and do not have permission to use, then claiming it for their own. By cutting out the people that do the work, they’re able to pass the savings on to you, and the only real cost is that it makes you complicit in their thievery.

Both John and several parties from our offices have tried to get in touch with Nerdcave without response, but they also claim to really love feedback. Feel free to let them know how much you appreciate their thievery. You can do so by clicking here.

John Gallagher takes commission work for those interested in such things, and you can find out about that or buy his rather impressive prints by clicking here.

One Comment on “Geek Art Thievery

July 16, 2016 at 8:22 am

Seven years and they can’t even spellcheck their website? Went to check out their shop and came across their “Licensed Merchendise.” Uhhh… Merchendise? You mean, merchandise?

SMH. Illiterate art thieves. Pretty sad. Hopefully the original artists are able to send a formal cease and desist and get these guys to either A. compensate them for the copyright infringement, or B. at the very least, get them to take down the offending work. Or at the very least, C. spell check their website.


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