August 10, 2016

Resident Evil Ends

Well, the movies are coming to a close, anyway.

The first Resident Evil is one of the best video-game to movie adaptions out there, acting as a prologue for the first game. The second movie tried to follow some of the plot from the second and third games and just ended up being a confused mess that was sorta fun. The movies got more insane from there, forgetting the games mostly and going off to do their own thing.

Forgetting the games actually worked in the movies’ favor, as it allowed them to play fast and loose with the story, concentrating on kickass action pieces set to a killer score and featuring talented actresses chewing on scenery and fighting in a manner that is typically reserved for male protagonists. It’s been sort of awesome, a strange romp over the past decade and a half, but now the whole thing is coming to an end.

So, Alice makes the mistake of trusting Wesker in Washington DC, and apparently humanity’s last stand against the Umbrella Corporation doesn’t go very well. I kinda wanna see Umbrella’s business plan – where are their profits coming from? How do they pay their employees? Do they think they can continue to exist after humanity is wiped out? Like, a real corporation wouldn’t risk ending the world for short term profits and… wait. Er.

Anyway, Alice is heading back to what’s left of Racoon City with everyone that isn’t dead yet for humanity’s real last stand, and it’s do or die time. t’s coming this January.

It’s coming this January, and we can’t wait to see it.

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