October 4, 2016

The Better Hawkeye

It amazed me how well Hawkeye has been received in the Avengers movies. I’ll let him sum up why himself:

Yeah, Hawkeye is awesome.

He’s had a couple of solo comics series in recent years, an incredible one written by Matt Fraction and another okayish one written by Jeff Lemire, and both of those comics – and Young Avengers besides – have taught is that that there is another Hawkeye and her name is Kate Bishop and she is awesome.

See, comics being comics, there was a point where Clint Barton was dead and a young woman named Kate Bishop stepped in and took up the role. She ended up leading the Young Avengers, ended up becoming friends with Clint when he resurrected, and the two of them starred in both of the aforementioned comics series. They call one another Hawkeye as a joke, have that whole mentor/student-and-best-friends thing going on. The comics made a couple thing abudantly clear about each of them: Clint is a mess who does incredible things and Kate has her shit together. She made best enemies with Madame Masque, who is an Iron Man level villain.

The new title will be written by Jem and the Holograms writer Kelly Thompson, with art by Leonardo Romero. The two of them are planning to follow the private investigator angle that Matt Fraction established in his Hawkeye series, and the stories will spin out of Kate’s emotional exhaustion following Civil War II: We-made-a-mess-of-everything Boogaloo. To be fair, we’re all going to be feeling a little exhausted of Marvel Comics by then.

Hawkeye #1 hits stores this December, and might be the best Christmas present Marvel can offer.

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