October 24, 2016

Geeks vs Nerds Needs You.

Geek vs Nerds Vancouver are at it again, and this new season calls for new talent. There is no better way to show off your nerd cred than being on the show and that can have many unexpected rewards.

Moving on to their fourth season, the GvsN team have started out strong. Vamps vs Werewolves: who throws the better afterlife party was hilarious. That’s really what Geeks vs Nerds is all about, good laughs. There is no comedy show that uses the team debate format as well as they do.  The points go to the team who makes the crowd cheer hardest, so make sure you pack all your friends in if you’re participating.

The next episode is all about underrated geniuses. Malcome versus Lisa. The death battle of the middle child, and you could be in it. They are casting for this and possibly future episodes.

No stage experience required though it helps, just a passion for your topic and the willingness to duke it out.  If you want to test your might click this link:

If you make it onto a team you’ll be in great company, just check out their Hall of Heros. 

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