October 27, 2016

Don’t Dream It, Be It.

Whatever happened to Fay Wray?  That delicate satin draped frame has inspired many a person to give themselves over to absolute pleasure, the Geekenders are no exception.  It was only a matter of time before the local cult phenomenon  set their sights on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Show director Fairlith Harvey has put together a perfect cast to embody the characters that rest near and dear to the heart of the show. With a live band performing the music, you get the extra boost of energy that brings it all together. It is all the small things, like the band doing the rimshot, the Transylvanian chorus being set parts and all around awesome, shows that Fairlith has really matured as a director.  Fairlith and her choreography team of Taegan Mohle and Katherine Alpen have given the cast all the right guidance needed to portray the physically of the story in a way that blends the best of the burlesque approach with humor and style.

14124317_10208945875538155_4930030728168874936_oYes, god bless Lili St Cryl, who as the patron saint of burlesque, would be very much enamored with the production. Magenta as played by Kyrst Hogan also know as Burgundy Brixx is perfect, blending madness and dance moves that oil you up and drop you down.

Brad and Janet, played by Tyler Richardson and Patrice Bowler, fully embrace their roles. Their performance is well matched by one sweet transformation as Seth Little becomes an impeccable Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Of course, Zac Beardsley as Rocky gets the Charles Atlas seal of approval. The whole cast really. From the Narrator to Riff Raff and Columbia, Dr. Scott and Eddy, everybody gives themselves over to absolute pleasure.


The Geekenders really shine in this show, they are beyond a not content to just dream it, but being it. Sitting in on the dress rehearsal I found myself fully immersed. Even without the stage set up or lighting cues, my disbelief was not just suspended, it was dressed up for the show and singing right along. It’s quite the feeling all around, in classic theatrical style the passion is palatable. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is more than just a cult phenomenon, it’s a calling, a way of life and once you’ve seen the lips… Rose tints your world. Missing this show will only add to troubles and pain.

Playing from October 27-29, 8pm at The Rio you’ll want to act fast to get tickets. Especially if you want to catch the special midnight showing on Friday, October 28th. I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend.

Get your tickets here.

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