Have No Regretroids

As Nintendo continues to ignore the 30tyh anniversary of the incredible Metroid franchise because it doesn’t sell well in Japan because it features a non-sexualized female protagonist, fans of the series continue to create awesome material to show how much they love Metroid. Case in point: The song is Regretroid by the […]

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Savlonic is Broken

You remember Savlonic, right? They were musicians that worked with Weebl, producing classic songs like Electric Gypsy, the Driver, and Computer Guy. They’re a three piece band that’s got a bit of buzz, a weird electronica-rock thing with some kickass tracks that took their desire to make a new album to kickstarter and […]

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The Oldest Melody in the World

Okay, sometimes the stuff we talk about is just so damn cool. Like, in this case… We generally don’t know about the music that older nations and civilizations listened to because copies of surviving musical notes often don’t make sense in any modern way, or don’t exist at all. Hell, the […]

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