Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

Our office-mates are just about done the latest Deus Ex game and will be itching for something new. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect scratch for that itch right here: … we’ll be right back. We’ve gotta go put all our pre-order money down for this. A game where you get […]

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Kara in Become Human

So, yesterday we showed what was supposed to be a tech demo, a short-film that resulted from some people messing around with the Playstation 3 hardware. That was supposed to be the long and short of it, but the popularity of that video resulted in Quantic Dream revisiting the concept […]

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Sometimes, people get access to things or they’re playing around with development tools and they end up creating art. For example: That’s a short film called Kara that was designed to test some of the Playstation 3’s hardware. Some people at Quantic Dream were mucking about and got Valorie Curry to […]

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