Total Stopped Action?

Impact wrestling is in trouble. Here’s the deal: when WCW folded more than a decade ago, Jeff Jarrett realized he was never going to get work in the WWE and started his own company to compete. He, like HHH, loves the business and thinks he’s much better than he is, […]

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Magnum’s Daughter, PI

So, back in the eighties, there was a television show called Magnum, PI, and it was pretty much the eighties. Yes. Yes. Look at that introduction. It is everything the eighties ever wanted to be. It’s glorious. Beautiful, even. So, because the title still has some name recognition somewhere, someone has decided that we’re going […]

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Darth Maul Rebels

Every Sith Lord knows how to make an entrance, but Darth Maul’s impact seems to linger long after he’s revealed himself. He killed Liam Neeson his first time out, a man with a very specific set of skills that should have made him a nightmare for people like Maul. He […]

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Supergirl has Superman

Well, it’s happening. Supergirl is coming to the CW, Calista Flockhart is coming with her, and Superman is now an official part of the show. I’m not sure how I feel about that last one: Supergirl largely works because of his absence, and putting Clark in the show sort of makes […]

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Van Helsing comes to SyFy

M Waan, SyFy is really going all out with high concept stuff lately, aren’t they? Dark Matter, the Expanse, Killjoys, the Magicians… there’s a host of stuff on that network that actually looks interesting these days, and Van Helsing is just the latest offering in an already strong line-up of original programming. […]

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The Expanse Expands

The Expanse is a high concept science fiction show from Syfy that debuted last year to pretty good ratings and a host of critical acclaim. It was well conceived and well written, with detailed worlds, political subterfuge, and very human characters working at cross purposes in a very complex thriller. […]

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